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Guiding models and talent in the fashion and media world through inspiring growth and sharing over two decades worth of local & international industry-related experience.

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We’re an exciting model agency with the talent management experience and interpersonal skills for global growth and expansion. Our focus is on a personalised strategy and the individual development of each of our models’ experience.

In 2022, we celebrate a successful 20-year history!

With our focus on discovering new faces, developing them creatively following each opportunity as we create them together for each talent with time and care, has made sure of our success and our talents and models successes.

At our Academy, we collaborate with experienced industry professionals to train, prepare, coach and offer guidance to our models. By embracing the rapidly changing dynamics and platforms of our unique industry, we’re equipped to share all there is to know about the modelling and entertainment business. When scouted talent is too young or inexperienced to begin their career as a model or to travel, they’re able to join our Academy until they’re ready to begin work as a Development Model and talent. We believe in marathons, not sprints: becoming a good model is all about patience, effort, perseverance, good guidance, time and effort that’ll bring about the results that you – and we – dream about.

First and foremost, we exist to act as an agent for our talents: we guide the process from scouting, courses and development, to castings, events, and the catwalk. In workshops and training with the models, we enable them to practice and gain experience in South Africa while learning essential skills such as fitness and nutrition, in collaboration with parents and schools where applicable.All this serves as preparation for a well-balanced lifestyle incorporating a successful international career, during which we’ll continue to advise and manage the model and talents, remaining the first point of contact for each one.

We’re active in the modelling, film, fashion, social media and creative sectors – covering the spectrum of work available for our talents is important to us, enabling us to secure a wide range of opportunities and manage them in our successful structure. Our models have been booked with luxury fashion brands such as Gucci, Versace, Rolex, Mercedes-Benz, Ford, Lindt, Victoria’s Secret, Apple, Facebook, Samsung, and many more to our world-renowned brands.


The birth of 3D Model Academy is inspired by a well established model agency who believes that with the right mindset, skills, outlook, and experience - anything is possible.

Powered by 3D Model Agency - 3D Model Academy set path to not only guide talent and inspire growth, but to help set the benchmark for model/talent lifestyle.