Building Beauty Together

A course inspired by 3D Model Agency and filled with two decades worth of local and international industry knowledge.

What's included:


Introducing an industry-first Model & Talent Academy dashboard where you can make your course shine with:

Course outline

Value on value, this course is ideal for models & talent who wish to take their careers to the next level! Level up your industry skills with this course, setting you on your way with casting material, a test shoot and the experience needed to back you up for success!


  • Get to know all about how the industry works,
  • Photoshoot and video shoot for portfolio and promotional systems,
  • Make-up and styling for all,
  • Creating beauty for castings shoots and brands workshop,
  • Personal development, wellness, health, nutrition, fitness, healthy body – healthy mind,
  • Model mindset and healthy intention setting,
  • Social media workshop for the industry and brands,
  • Casting training and Real Casting review.
I enjoyed the first-hand knowledge that I have experienced, the atmosphere of the course and everything you need to know about the industry to grow and gain knowledge! This course has worked wonders for me and looking forward to my next success!
Bontle Nhlane

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