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Hello Tanzania!

Redefining the African Modelling Landscape in Tanzania

Join us on this revolutionary journey as we unearth Tanzania's brightest talent, offering unmatched opportunities for aspiring models to skyrocket their careers on an international stage. Step into the world of fashion and digital media, and become the next African top model or social media influencer.

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A course inspired by 3D Model Agency and filled with two decades worth of local and international industry knowledge.

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"I enjoyed learning about the diversity in the industry, the do's and dont's and of course - Getting comfortable in front of the camera!"
Laela Masson
"The 3d modelling academy was fantastic and extremely informative. Given the opportunity to ask questions, the topics covered and advice given was very relevant and useful. Through this experience, i was eventually able to learn how to walk and how to correctly do a self-tape, among other things. Attending the class was absolutely worth it, and i will be forever grateful for the opportunity."
- Nonjabulo

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1 Day - Getting Started

course outline

Value on value, this course is ideal for fresh faces starting out in the model & talent industry. This course is also great for models & talent to refresh and update their skills!

in this course:

  • Module 1: Introduction to the Model & Talent Industry
  • Module 2: Understanding the Different Types of Work
  • Module 3: Mastering Performance
  • Module 4: Building Your Professional Portfolio
  • Module 5: On Set Etiquette
  • Module 6: Managing Your Digital Persona
  • Module 7: Financial Aspects of the Modeling & Talent Industry
  • Module 8: Course Conclusion & Certification
3 Day - Intro to Modelling

course outline

Value on value, this course is ideal for models & talent who wish to take their careers to the next level! Level up your industry skills with this course, setting you on your way with casting material, a test shoot and the experience needed to back you up for success!


  • Module 1: Introduction to Professional Modelling
  • Module 2: Introduction to Model & Talent Work Types
  • Module 3: The Studio Test Shoot Experience
  • Module 4: Mastery of the Runway
  • Module 5: Excellence in Performance and Casting
  • Module 6: Building and Enhancing Your Portfolio
  • Module 7: Professionalism On and Off Set
  • Module 8: Digital Footprint and Financial Literacy in Modelling
  • Module 9: Course Conclusion & Certification

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