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Guiding models and talent in the fashion and media world through inspiring growth and sharing over two decades worth of local & international industry-related experience.

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who we are

The birth of 3D Model Academy is inspired by a well established model agency who believes that with the right mindset, skills, outlook, and experience - anything is possible. Powered by 3D Model Agency - 3D Model Academy set path to not only guide talent and inspire growth, but to help set the benchmark for model/talent lifestyle.

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Our courses empower individuals to pursue successful careers in model and talent industry by nurturing their skills, enhancing their confidence, and equipping them with the necessary tools to excel.

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"I enjoyed learning about the diversity in the industry, the do's and dont's and of course - Getting comfortable in front of the camera!"
Laela Masson

our courses

1 Day - Getting Started

This course is ideal for fresh faces starting out in the model & talent industry. This course is also great for models & talent to refresh and update their skills! Learn more about the industry and what it takes, get familiar with audition techniques & much more!

3 Day - Intro to Modelling

This course is ideal for models & talent who wish to take their careers to the next level! Level up your industry skills with this course, setting you on your way with casting material, a test shoot and the experience needed to back you up for success!